Editing time

Hey all!

Finals week here in academia, and my project is all tied up neatly and turned in.  Let’s hope for an ‘A.’

I have begun the editing process for Bright Midnight at last, first read through and all.  Then I need to perhaps find an actual editor of some sort…how does one do that if they are self-publishing?  Hmmmm…must ask my writers group.  And this weekend, said group is having a NaNoWriMo ‘Thank God It’s Over’ dinner to celebrate another novel writing month down, and our successes.  Even if one did not get the 50,000 words, they still have more than they started the month with, and that is a win right there!

And now, off for more construction on this thing…

Until next time!


ACK!!!!  I have been so busy with work and trying to get my final class project done, I haven’t been able to start editing Bright Midnight yet!  Very annoying when real life gets in the way of the writing.  But the project is due Monday and with it, the end of my Fall class.  So for the break, I get to do more fun stuff!  One super awesome thing about my work is I get nearly 2 weeks off for Christmas, the whole place is shut down!  I am waiting for that lovely long break, I can tell ya!


Until next time!