Other Authors You Should Know!


I don’t know J.B. personally, but read her book, The Source, long before writing my own story, and was totally thrilled with the story being right here in my backyard!  Modern-day vampires in Appalachia!  Talk about outside the box!  I am very excited to read her next in the series.


Jane has written a wonderful story, Zero at the Bone, with a hitman, doctors, chase scenes and even some great guy-on-guy romance.  She’s a great friend of mine, and if you are looking for a well-written and plotted story, perhaps outside your usual box, give this one a try!


Here is my girl Marsha’s page, met her via NaNoWriMo here in Huntington WV.  We are also both members of our local writer’s group.


It’s Doyle’s homepage, go check her out!  Another NaNoWriMo pal, and local Wicked Wordsmiths of the West member!


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